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Mestre Loka

Mestre Loka comes from Barra do Cuite (Minas Gerais) and started training Capoeira in 1976. He founded Group CapuraGinga in 1982. He is the only one who was granted the Mestre Rope by Mestre Katiguara.

When it comes to a workout, few martial arts are as interesting, diverse, and celebrated as the ancient method known as Brazilian Capoeira. At The Brazilian Capoeira Academy, we welcome students of all levels to try this beautiful mix of dance, martial arts, music, and acrobatics perfectly designed to target all areas of the human physique. If you want to greatly increase your agility, strength and overall health, you need to try Brazilian Capoeira.


Founded Capuraginga

The name CapuraGinga was designed by Mestre Loka to be a combination of the words "Capoeira," "Pura," meaning Pure, and "Ginga." Mestre Loka says the name reminds us of our roots and suggests the way Capoeira is taught within the group's methodology, as a pure Capoeira with a focus on movement. Mestre Loka and his Wife, Graduada Lua Branca, currently teach Capoeira in Leominster, Massachussetts where they run a successful granite importing business.